Greetings, Nerdverse!

This is the first post on a fresh site! Why are we here? To be an ad-free gathering place for nerds of a feather. You can read more about us on the site, but basically we are here to explore and enjoy fandoms – movies, books, comics, online gaming, table-top RPG – and the things that come with the nerd pop-cultures we love.

In the coming days we’ll roll out some articles talking about games we loved and lost, as well as the potential successors. Opinions and reviews from all corners of fandom, as well as looking at a road map to add some features to this site such as forums for fanfic and discussions – with spoiler friendly areas for those who want to start sharing about the newest releases right away.

We will be looking for writers and artists that would like to become contributors with regular series or reviews, giving you the opportunity to get your voice out there!

Welcome to our Nerd Forge!