Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nerd Forge?

Nerd Forge is a media platform dedicated to artists in the fiction community.  Science-fiction, fantasy, paranormal, super hero/heroine, and any fiction-based world that adds to the enjoyment of the nerd community at large.  Nerd Forge is a growing project that will evolve as technology and the interests of our contributors and readers move forward with the culture.

What does Nerd Forge do?

Nerd Forge provides a platform for artists – newbie to veteran – to showcase their work in a mostly ad-free environment.

What do you mean by “mostly ad-free”?

Nerd Forge prefers to operate without ads or pop-ups deterring from an enjoyable user experience.   However, we may occasionally need to turn on ads to pay the bills; these engagements will be limited. 

Contributors can post links or sales information for their products (Amazon, Etsy, Deviant Art, etc.) with their submissions.

Fiction is a broad canvas; what material do you post?

Nerd Forge will post the following formats:

  • Articles – Book/Movie Reviews, Opinions, Industry Related News (Movie, Book, Gaming, etc.)
  • Artwork – Commission with the artist credited
  • Artwork – Original
  • Comics
  • Fan Fiction
  • Flash Fiction
  • Novel Chapters
  • Novella
  • Poetry

When will Nerd Forge take submissions?

Nerd Forge is currently under construction.  Once all the policies and procedures are posted, we will be able to take submissions for main page posting.  Main page posting will open prior to the implementation of member forums, which will allow members to post their work and discuss at their leisure.